Bringing About Positive Change for the Environment

This Could Happen is created by Dorothy Knable, a retired rehab counselor who now focuses her efforts on fighting climate change. With years of experience in government and environmentalism, Dorothy connects less-mobile activists looking to work individually or together. It will love any Veterans! She also hopes this will be heartening, for people who may feel paralyzed by inability to affect positive change in our Oligarchical Democracy and by Global Warming. This Could Happen is affiliated with the Citizens Climate Lobby, (a great part of the People's Climate March, pictured above), and Democracy For America and will help with their campaigns and others.

About the Group

It took millions of individual work-hours, from people at home alone or in small groups; on conference calls and social media, to make the People's Climate March (which she attended from CA) a reality last September. We can ALL help! While Dorothy thanks the many sites that exist to provide advocacy and rehab to those with disabilities, this is outer centered - a place for full engagement against problems threatening government integrity and the commons.

New work modes, like social networking and Skypeing™, are used in conjunction with old-fashioned approaches like telephone, handwriting, reading, and research. This volunteer work improves environmental conditions, drawing from central tenets of integrity and protecting the Earth for future generations.

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Please contact Dorothy to learn more about how you can fight climate change.